ABB expanded the solar system at Pitäjänmäki factory property


A 180.9 kWp photovoltaic system was originally built on the roof of ABB’s Pitäjänmäki factory property in 2010. During the 2020 summer the system was upgraded with the replacement of inverters and implementation of a 50 kilowatt peak extension to the module field.

Ten years ago ABB built an approximately 181 kilowatt Naps solar system on the roof of the Pitäjänmäki factory property, which was utilized to building electricity and as an authentic test environment for the inverter factory ABB used to run. After ABB left the inverter business, the solar system’s production remained purely for the use of the factory property.

In recent years the production of solar electricity has also been effectively utilized in the charging of electric car batteries. ABB itself manufactures high-quality charging stations and encourages electric cars for employment use. Since the electricity consumption has increased with the charging of cars, the company decided to utilize solar system more efficiently than before.

ABB decided to replace the inverters at solar system during the summer of 2020. In ten years, the technology had developed rapidly. Whereas 2010 a whole room was needed for inverters, now the new equipment was installed on only one wall. The power of the new inverters also made it possible to expand the solar module field, so a power of 50 kilowatts was added to the system. Simultaneously a 10 kilowatt system part was removed as a separate system for other use.

“In ten years, the solar module roof mounting systems have evolved significantly compared to the past. Today, structures are lighter, cheaper and also faster to install. With the development of inverters, the power supplied to the grid starts earlier in the morning and continues later in the evening. The increase in energy production promised at the planning stage was already exceeded in the first two months of use, compared to last year. We are very satisfied with the professional installation and smooth cooperation with Naps”, says Pekka Hyvärinen from ABB.

Ilari Rokkanen, Naps’ project manager, praises the customer’s trust in Naps executing the project: “ABB’s project management understands the operation of the solar systems so well, that a very smooth cooperation speeded the timing. For example, the one month working time planned for stripping down the old system was reduced to only a week when we were given free hands to operate. We were also able to implement efficient solutions for combining solar module fields from different eras with the modern inverters. The cooperation has been really rewarding.”

In addition to charging electric car batteries, the energy generated by ABB’s renovated solar system is used for cooling, heating and ventilation in the property. The use of solar electricity improves the energy self-sufficiency of the factory property and is a part of ABB’s sustainability activities locally in Helsinki.