Fasetti chose quality


Fasetti is a Finnish family owned company with carpentry workshops in Hollola, close to Lahti. Fasetti reproducts Ornäs classic furniture, renovates Artek’s furniture and sells quality furniture and décor products. All the company’s operations are characterized by high quality, expertise and professionalism. In June, the company’s energy self-sufficiency improved with a new PV system.

Fasetti Oy is a 20-year-old company with highly skilled carpentry professionals manufacturing classic Ornäs furniture as new production and renovates eg. Artek production as verified renovator. Company’s main workshops for woodcrafts, metal and lightning locate in Hollola together with the furniture and project sales offices.

All the company’s operations are characterized by high quality, expertise and professionalism. When planning the solar power project for the Hollola office, the owners Janne and Heli Ylönen with Samuli and Satu Ylönen wanted to hold the quality criteria high for the solar electricity as well. In June, Fasetti turned on their 37.8 kilowatt Naps solar system.

Janne Ylönen, CEO of Fasetti, gave a full ten to Naps’ operations:

“Naps was one of our alternative partners from the beginning when we first started looking into acquiring a PV system almost five years ago. Now that the project was possible for us and the time was right for its implementation, we did a short round of bidding between the three bidders and ended up in Naps for several different reasons, and price was by no means the only criterion.

From the beginning, we valued domesticity, fast, firm and professional communication, and responsiveness to all of our questions. The Naps people came to the site (only) at the tender stage to get to know the site and we went through various technical things carefully together. The kick-off meetings and the implementation of the entire project and the management of the process were very professional and consistent activities, of which a full ten for the whole team! ”, says Ylönen.

Fasetti Siesta lounge chairs. Siesta is an elegant armchair designed by designer Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs in 1952. The picture shows Fasetti production Siesta armchairs in the premises of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
(Photo: Fasetti Oy)

With the solar power, Fasetti’s interior design store in Hollola became more self-sufficient in energy. At the same time, the carbon neutrality of the manufacture of classic furniture designed by Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs improved significantly. Solar electricity is used e.g. for electrification, heating and cooling of workshops. In addition to economic profitability, Janne Ylönen sees image values ​​in PV system procurement:

“We are satisfied with the installed Naps solar system and trust that it will bring us cost savings as well as good PR for our company’s image in the coming years.”

Naps project manager Peter Widell gives credit to Fasetti’s professional management for their exemplary collaboration. 

“The cooperation with the people of Fasetti was very nice and smooth. They gave us the space to solve things in the best way within our own professionalism and for their part ensured that we could operate smoothly on their premises.”

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