Naps delivered all-white solar modules to a sun city project Flogsta in Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Housing Per Bolund inaugurated sun city project Flogsta in Uppsala – Naps manufactured all-white solar modules for student dormitories’ facades.

Located just outside the city center of Uppsala, the sun city Flogsta is the largest solar project for the property owner Heimstaden, with a total area of ​​about 1,900 square meters.

Naps’ high quality all-white solar modules are installed on three of the twelve facades of the properties. In addition, ten of the rooftops were equipped with conventional solar systems. In total, the area’s photovoltaic systems generate about 240,000 kWh per year, which corresponds to 5-10 percent of the total electricity consumption of the 2000 student housing units.

“I think the next big change in energy is about solar solutions, so it’s fun to see solar modules being part of the student dormitory here,” said Minister of Housing Per Bolund during his visit to Flogsta.

Bolund pointed out that Uppsala is a good example of a municipality that invests in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy, but also emphasizes the need for more actors who invest in climate-related community buildings and sustainable energy solutions.

Heimstaden’s Swedish press release: link

The all-white module is manufactured at Naps’ own factory in Estonia – white colour requires special technology

An all-white solar module is rare on the market and Naps is the only white module manufacturer in northern Europe. White is a visually and architecturally important addition to the colour range, where architects are usually offered a full spectrum of blue along with all-black. In addition to black and white modules, Naps also manufactures glass-glass modules at its own factory, and all modules can be customised in shape and size.

“A white panel surface is perceived as inefficient and naturally does not absorb solar radiation as effectively as a black one, but Naps’ white module technology improves the performance. A white photovoltaic module always gives a real estate investment a payback as well as emission-free energy, unlike white sheeting, glass or brick roofing that produces nothing”, says Markus Andersén, Sales Director of Naps Systems Oy .


The Heimstaden’s sun city project is one of a number of projects for Andersén with Swedish architects. According to the experience of the Naps Sales Director, the Swedes are daring to ask for and innovative to design new types of photovoltaic systems. When Naps’ photovoltaic engineers and the factory’s production team get involved in an early stage, exciting new entities can be created. The completed Heimstaden project was the first white module project for Naps. However, new projects are already underway.