The owners of Hesburger invest 123,000 euros into renewable energy in Estonia


Hesburger has started investing in renewable energy by installing solar energy systems for its logistics centre at Saue and Rocca al Mare restaurant. The total cost of investment for the transition of the two buildings to renewable energy was 123,200 euros.

Naps Solar Estonia

The system of the Saue logistics centre is a 100kW solar system, covering the facade as well as the roof; the energy needs of the Rocca al Mare restaurant are covered by 30kW. The productivity of the installed systems is higher than initially estimated and in the long run, other real estate properties are also to be transferred to renewable energy.

“Today we need to think about the future more than ever before. For years, we have been planning and reassessing all of our activities, specifically from the environmental sustainability perspective,” said Ieva Salmela, the Development Director at Hesburger. “We have a separate programme for the plastic and packaging recovery and reduction programme, in the course of which we have minimised the use of packaging materials as well as plastic containers in our everyday operations. Thus, implementing renewable energy is a logical step for Hesburger in reducing the carbon footprint,” stated Salmela.

Productivity higher than planned

Hesburger’s partner in installing the solar systems in Estonia was Naps Solar Estonia, which was chosen by the company as the partner specifically due to their long-term experience and knowledge in the field.

“The first fruits of our cooperation are the installation of the Saue logistics centre and Rocca al Mare restaurant. Everything worked out great and the productivity indicators show a notably higher return than initially calculated by the client,”commented Ander Pukk, the head of Naps Solar Estonia.

International environmental trend

Installing renewable energy equipment is an increasing trend on the international level as well as in Estonia, gaining momentum throughout the world as environmentally friendly thinking improves. This year, nearly 90 per cent of the world’s entire new energy production is renewable energy and just 10 per cent comes from gas and coal.

In Estonia, the state support for renewable energy is ending this year, and it has driven developments in renewable energy on the local level as well. In the current year we can clearly see a boom of renewable energy in Estonia. Electricity produced from renewable sources comprised 53 per cent of the entire electricity production in Estonia in Q2 of 2020 and covered 24 per cent of local consumption.


Hesburger is a fast-food restaurant chain with the largest market share in Finland and the Baltics. It is a successful Finnish family-owned company, established in the 1980s and employing more than 7,900 people. In 2017, the company launched its corporate social responsibility programme, implementing environmentally friendly solutions in its everyday operations. Recently, Hesburger opened its 500th restaurant. Today, Hesburger has 48 restaurants in Estonia, 50 in Latvia and 57 in Lithuania. The popular fast-food restaurant chain also operates in Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Germany and Belarus.