High quality is in our DNA

  • Our customers demand the highest quality for their projects. Naps Solar Estonia continues to bring environmentally responsible electricity to where sunlight is available.
  • The solar systems of Naps can be found in different conditions, installed on each continent from the poles to the equator. We have accumulated expertise over four decades with more than 250,000 installations. We guarantee the quality we supply.
  • The raw materials for products of Naps Solar Estonia are carefully selected and are sourced globally from carefully selected leading manufacturers. Our solar modules are 100% manufactured in Estonia.
  • To assure the highest European quality – we thoroughly examine the performance of all our products through in-house photovoltaics capacity testing.
  • Through our own module manufacturing history, we can source and produce components, even highly customised ones. Naps’ core knowledge is a deep understanding of the inner workings of PV systems.
  • Our management systems are ISO certified. The Quality and Environmental Management System was certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards.


The quality of our products is guaranteed through the use of a fully automated production plant, via a scrupulous monitoring process. The growth of Naps Solar Estonia OÜ production is confirmed by a new production line, with a fully automated and technologically advanced PV module, which increases its production capacity in the sector. Every single cell is strictly controlled to form the final product, and all actions are performed with attention to the smallest detail, ensuring that our modules deliver long-term increased production.


History in special module manufacturing

  • Naps’ own module manufacturing dates back to the 1980’s
  • Special modules for telecom, disaster relief, strategic tactical applications and maritime industry
  • R&D in Finland, manufacturing in Sweden and France
  • Since 2011 all manufacturing in Estonia
  • Accredited by Saudi Aramco (EX-modules)