Kiilto Lempäälä 961 kWp

Completion time
Tampereentie, Lempäälä
Overall module power
961 kWp

Kiilto Family group is a company that has been owned by the same family for as long as it has been in operation. At 2019 the company celebrates it’s 100th anniversary. As a part of the corporate responsibility program Kiilto made an anniversary investment to a megawatt size solar production at it’s head quarter’s location in Lempäälä, Finland. One of the top 5 largest Finnish rooftop system the new entity is divided to several separate system parts in the HQ location’s buildings. Kiilto has used solar power already over a decade and all their PV systems are from Naps.

Main photo copyright (c) Elsan Korkmann, Coolweld Oü