Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

  • Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are photovoltaic materials that are used to replace conventional building materials in parts such as: wall, facade, roof, window, sunshades, pitched roof and many other applications.
  • We have the tools and pioneer experience to design building-mounted photovoltaic systems for almost any situation and everywhere.
  • Each Naps photovoltaic system is built with leading expertise and experience, high quality components and customer-specific design services. We have accumulated expertise in four decades with over 250,000 installations in all conditions globally.


Highly efficient – power output

  1. Weatherproof roof covering
  2. Energy producer
  3. Great overall appearance for the house
  4. Seamlessly integrated
  5. Durable and reliable

Naps Solar Tile module range

Two different size and output modules are available to match with comprehensive selection of tiles available on the market.

1. 190 W/m2

Naps Solar Tiles

  • Great looks combined with the latest technology: The new energy roof with small, stylish roof tiles! No need for a second roof skin made of photovoltaic modules!
  • The Naps Solar Tile fits perfectly between the roof tiles. The horizontal lines of the roof remain unaffected, as a result of which the austere appearance remains.
  • The Naps Solar Tile has a high efficiency. The revenue is as high as from a standard black solar panel which is attached on top of the roof.
  • Installation of Naps Solar Tile tile modules is easy. However there needs to be good communication between the carpenter that prepares the battens, tile manufacturer/reseller, solar installer and electrician that connect the inverter to the grid.


Facade module range

    1. Facade Standard – Black Saana up to 425 W
    2. Facade Standard – White Saana 200 W

Naps Photovoltaic Facade modules can be produced in a large variety of forms, sizes, efficiency, cover as well as colouring options. See all available options here.


Naps Photovoltaic Facade

  • Integrated solar system improves the real estate value and energy independence
  • Aesthetic and effective cover to protect the building, utilising even the lowest winter sun
  • Easy and sustainable way of reducing direct energy costs and taxes

The standard colours are black and white. Additionally we offer green, red, golden and lilac.

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naps solrif module
solrif maapaigaldus

Minimal Appearance. Outstanding Performance

  1. High efficiency solar panels
  2. Power up to 335 W
  3. Up to 13 year product guarantee
  4. PERC monocrystalline 5BB
  5. 60 cells

Naps Solrif module range

  1. All black
  2. With black frame and white backsheet
  3. With glass/glass or transparent backsheet
  4. With Tigo fire safety
  5. With Tigo optimiser


Naps Solrif Module

  • Mounting system designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Naps has been an accredited partner since 2003
  • Several thousand Solrif modules sold, mostly to Central Europe, but also some installations to Sweden
  • Solar modules replace tiles/shingles
  • Module has special frame
  • Small hooks are fixed to wooden beams
  • Solar modules laid partially on top of each other (like tiles/shingles)
  • Rubber insulating strips fixed
  • Metal flashings placed around the edges of the module array
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Special features for Saana and Saana Solrif


Technical information

  • Glass-glass solar modules consist of two 4 mm thick tempered glass sheets, between which the laminated solar cells are placed. You can choose the layout and colour of the solar cells yourself.
  • It is also possible to use double-sided solar cells to increase the productivity of the solar panel.
  • The balcony columns and handrails are made of aluminium and custom powder painted according to the customer’s order.
  • The estimated useful life is 25 years.

Balcony Facade balustrade Module

  • Balcony railings with solar modules is a smart choice to generate electrical power from your own home balconies.
  • Naps balcony facade solutions in new construction and renovation projects – save on maintenance and energy costs.
  • We offer versatile building facade solutions to suit your needs. We know that every facade project is unique, so our technical engineers work with you and your architects to ensure that our building facade solutions will fit your building’s unique look and style.