When the summer is cool but the snow is light


Finnish Antarctic Logistics FINNARP maintains the Aboa research station for the Finnish Meteorological Institute and arranges the fieldwork for Finnish Antarctic Research Program projects including surveys for changes in soil, atmosphere and underwater life.

Weather station maintenance work, as well as on-site surveys and monitoring, are scheduled for Antarctic summer, which is cold but less snowy than the Antarctic winter. The sun shines continuously during the summer months and the reflection from snow strengthens the radiation. The use of solar power in the demanding conditions of Antarctica is particularly profitable and efficient. Aboa uses solar systems for both base station electrification and research work.

Antarctica is currently dark and the weather -40 degrees Celsius. The sun set on May 11th and will rise again in the end of the week. Here are some cool photos for those troubled by the hot weather in Finland. These photos are taken from the FINNARP 2018-19 expedition trip.

Photos: Niko Nurminen

Weather forecast in Aboa: https://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/weather/aboa
Report on the FINNARP 2018-19 expedition: link